Install Your Printer Software on Your Computer


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How to install your printer software on your computer

So you have just bought a new printer and you're raring to go and print just about anything you can find in your computer. Before you amass all available pieces of paper, though, you should first install the printer software. This way, the printing process becomes smooth and easy. The good news is, most software these days will facilitate the installation on its own with just a few clicks from your end.

Here are a few quick steps in order to install your printer software on your computer:

Step 1: Read the installation manual

Before anything else, read the installation manual carefully. This is important. Take note of special instructions like if you need to uninstall a previous version of the software already in your computer or if you need to tweak some settings like turn your virus scanner off.

Step 2: Insert disk

Insert the disk or any media where the printer software is stored to the corresponding drive. You can hear faint whirring and buzzing sounds - this means the drive is reading the disk. Usually, a new window will pop up, displaying all the files read in the disk. Do you see a "readme.txt" or "readme.doc" file? Open that and read the contents of the file. There are usually important pieces of data or reminders in that file pertaining to your printer software. When you're done, look for a certain file that has a icon different from others and a ".exe" extension. This is the executable file. Click on it.

On the other hand, in case the window doesn't pop up, go to My Computer, click on the appropriate drive where your printer software CD is and look for the ".exe" file. Run that file by clicking on it.

Step 3: Installation proper

Once the executable file is run, the installation process will automatically begin. Get the box which came with your printer software CD and take note of the registration code or key. You might need to enter this data later during the installation process or when you need to reinstall the software all over again!

In the course of installation, you will be asked as to which folder you want to save all information related to the printer software, what type of installation (typical, custom or minimum) and which icon to use. It is highly suggested that you stick with defaults. Tweak the settings later based on your preference. What's important is that you install the software properly first.

Step 4: Reboot

More often than not, before you can fully use a newly installed program, you need to reboot your computer first. After rebooting, run your printer software and check if everything's working as they should.

So there. These are the steps that you need to do in order for you to install printer software on your computer. Just remember to do the necessary precautions like scan the software every now and then to make sure that things don't go haywire. Happy printing!


Brother Printer Error Codes


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Brother Laser Printer, Fax & Brother Multifunction Printer Error Codes & How to Fix Them

Brother offers an entire selection of fax machines, printers and multifunctional printers. However, the list of common error codes found in them can confuse even the most experienced troubleshooter. Here we explain common errors and how to troubleshoot them.

Error code E50: Fuser unit damage

This can happen either when the heat roller has been destroyed or damaged. Make sure to replace your Brother laser printer with a new heat roller.

Error code E51: Fault with protection in the laser beam

This error code indicates that the beam, mirrors or the lid is not seated properly. Make sure to adjust these in order to get your Brother laser printer back working again.

Error code S05: Error with data bus

This type of error code means that the data transmission on the parallel port is affected. Most of the time, this problem can be handled effectively by just rebooting your computer.

Error code ‘machine error’: board issues

This kind of error code will usually be indicated with a loud continuous beep on your Brother Fax machine. You need to check on the solder joints to see if these are cold over the power supply place. You also need to check for these joints on all other boards before you go for a replacement. If you find no improvement even after replacement then try changing the capacitors over the board for the power supply.

Error message ‘Black pages’

This error code typically implies black pages being printed out on your Brother laser printer. This usually happens frequently on the Brother 960 and Brother 1260 model varieties. It means that the HVPS is at fault. You will need to replace the following diodes and put jumper wire instead. Diodes D31, D33, D30 and D32 will need replacement. For the jumper wire you will need a gauge of 22. You might also need to check on transistors Q21 and 22 as well as the resistor R109.

Error message ‘Check paper path’

The error lies with the paper path which can be rectified by taking out paper hopper. Then simply clean the eject rollers of the paper.

Error message ‘Cutter problems’

This type of error message gets displayed when there is either a paper jam or the device is not cutting paper properly. You need to check if the cutter spring is defective or not. Make sure to take out the cutter and clean as well as lubricate it. In case the issue does not get solved try replacing the gear train. This error code usually surfaces in the 600 series model of the Brother Fax machine.

Error message ‘Poor copy quality’

Sometimes you may come across some grey colored dots on the paper you have just faxed. Make sure to check if the glass and the scanning mirrors are clean. If these are clean then the issue lies with the camera. You could try troubleshooting by just unplugging the Brother Fax machine for at least a whole night. You might just avoid having to shell out on a camera replacement! The error code is most common in the 900 series of the fax machines manufactured from 1993 till 1994.


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HP Printer Error Code 57


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Error 57
  • 6P/5P/5 Main motor problem, check gear train for binding. Check connections to DC controller - replace main motor
  • 4L/4 Main motor problem, check gear train for binding. Replace main motor
  • IIIP/IIP+/IIP Error 57-1 Incompatible memory can be either top or bottom slot. Also check motor cable connections. Replace main motor. Can also be DC controller.
  • 5Si/4+/4Si/IIISi (X=2, 3 or 4) Fan motor faulty, check fan number X or duplexor fan and replace as necessary
  • 5 Main motor failure - replace main motor
  • 4+ 57.1 Gears are siezed, motor is bad or DC controller is bad
  • 4Si/IIISi 57.1 Gears siezed, faulty top cover switch, faulty AC interlock switch, J010 loose or faulty, bad main motor PCA
  • LJ 4000/405 An error occurred with the Fan’s motor. X = Description
    4 Printer Fan 7 Duplex Fan
    1. Check the Fan’s connector and make sure the Fan is not blocked.
    2. Replace the Fan.
  • LJ 4250/4300/4350 A printer fan is not funtioning. Power cycle the printer.
  • LJ 5100 A temporary printing error occurred. x = description 1—printer fan
    1. Check the fan connector and make sure that the fan is not blocked.
    2. Replace the fan.
  • LJ8100/8150 A fan motor failure occurred. All fans are enabled to low speed operation
    at power on. Fans will go into high speed operation during the print cycle.
    X Description
    2 Fan 3 - Formatter Fan (intake)
    3 Fan 2 - Laser/scanner (exhaust)
    5 Fan 1 -Low-voltage power supply (exhaust)
    6 Fan 4 - Face-down delivery (exhaust)
    9 Fan 5 - Tray 1 fan
  • A temporary printing error occurred in one of the printer fans. X represents the fan motor number associated with the error. For example, 1 = fan motor 1. Power the printer off/on to clear error. Replace appropriate fan as needed.

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HP Printer Error Code 13


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Error 13 Paper Jam

Error Message Forms: 13.XX.YZ - additonal location info on display or 13.XX.YY - a jam exists in the media path
Paper jams can be in the pickup from the tray, inside printer at toner cartridge, inside at the fuser, in duplex assembly if so equiped
XX = Jam Code
Y = Device Number
Z = Device Type
Possible Locations: Tray 1, Tray 2, Tray 3, Rear Door, Top Cover, Jam 13.13.00 indicates a jam in the duplexer assembly

  1. Check the paper, make sure it meets the paper specifications for your printer. Tractor feed paper with the edges ripped off doesn't seem to work very well. Extremely heavy or thick paper is also a problem. Check the HP paper specification guide for more info. Be careful with labels, use only labels designed to take the heat generated by the fuser assembly. Regular labels my 'ooze' adhesive as they pass through the fuser assembly and literally gum up the works! Also check for any partially peeled labels, this can be a disaster if they come off inside the printer.
  2. Check the paper path for toner or paper dust buildup. Look for bits of paper lodged in the path particularly around the sensors.  4L/4P printers can have paper stuck in the pickup area which is accessed by removing the screw over the oblique roller cover.
  3. You may have a worn pickup roller. Check the feed and separation rollers in the printer and in the tray. Look for smooth or cracked worn surfaces. Sometimes you can clean a pickup roller and get a little more life miles out of them but when you start to get jams with a smudge on the top middle of the page, it's time to replace the roller. If your machine uses a paper separation pad, a small rubber or cork material pad check for a smooth surface without any friction. This pad needs to provide friction to the feeding paper. If worn, replace.
  4. Is the paper size correct? Is the software set for the size you're using? Is the menu set for the size you're using? Check these items.  If the software tells the printer to expect a different size (legal, A4, COM10) than the tray available, you will get an error. This can happen when printing a FAX document formatted for A4 size paper.
  5. You could also have a defective or dirty exit sensor. Replace or clean as needed.
  6. Make sure the paper cassettes are installed correctly and adjustments are set properly. A buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which slides into the printer can sometimes cause problems. Take a sharp tool, like a razor blade and scrape the buildup off these edges.
  7. Bad drive gears. Again on the LJII/III we are starting to see more and more failures of the gear drive assembly. A broken tooth on one gear is all it takes. Replace this as an assembly.
  8. Listen for the motor operation, make sure it's operational. If not replace the motor or drive circuit as required.

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HP Printer Error Code 14

HP Printer Error codes 14


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ERROR 14 No EP Cartridge or No Toner Cartridge

  • No toner cartridge or cartridge not fully seated - pull it out and install it again. On the IIP/IIIP the connections for the high voltage are made on the left side of the printer so you may want to favor that side as you install the cartridge.
  • On the II and III Series printers, this error message can be caused by a faulty paper control PCA. This is the board* mounted to the DC power supply which is in the right front corner of the printer. Press the spring contacts and listen for the micro switches. You should hear a definite clicking.
  • On the II and III Series and the IIISi/4Si, make sure at least one of the two drum sensitivity tabs are present. These are small rectangular blocks of plastic which contact the switches in the printer.
  • On the 4V/4MV check the toner cartridge micro switch on the High Voltage PCB - SW501.
  • Also on the 4V/4MV check the door open sensor (PS402) on the terminal board located under the transfer roller.
  • Can also be caused by a defective DC controller. Pretty rare though.
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HP Printer Error Code 10

HP Printer Error Code 10


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Error 10 - Supplies Memory Error 10.XX.YY Exact format is dependent on printer model

The printer is unable to read the electronic information (elabel) on the print cartridge. This helps track page count and life of consumable.
XX Description 00 memory error on the cartridge or 01 memory device not found
10.00.00 Black print cartridge
10.00.01 Cyan print cartridge
10.00.02 Magenta print cartridge
10.00.03 Yellow print cartridge

1. Supplies used in newer printer models contain a memory chip. The information contained on this chip is dependent on the printer model and the supply. The error 10 indicates a problem with the printer obtaining the information from this chip. The chip may be missing or defective or contain incorrect information. There may be a problem with connection between the memory chip and DC controller. Turn the printer off/on to attempt to clear or reset the message. Remove and reinstall the supply, replace the supply.

2. Replace the memory chip cable/connector or the DC controller.

Error 10.32.00 Unauthorized Supply
Alternates with for help press "?" - A new non-HP supply has been installed this message continues until you press the check button or install an HP supply item

How do I Troubleshoot Printing Problems With MS Office 2007?


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Microsoft Office 2007 is an older version of Microsoft Office with many of the same applications as Microsoft Office 2010, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Printing issues result from several problems. Since Microsoft has many desktop applications, focus on troubleshooting printing problems for Microsoft Word 2007.

1. Reinstall the printer driver if you cannot print any of your Microsoft Word 2007 documents. Exit out of all Windows programs. Click "Start" and then choose "Control Panel." Click "Printer" or "Printer and other Hardware." Right-click the printer that you use for Microsoft Office software, then click "Delete." Once you have deleted the printer, reinstall it again to your computer.

2. Create and print another document. If you have trouble printing a specific document within Microsoft Word 2007, create a new document to see if that document prints. If the new document you created works, you need to create a new template for the document that you are having problems with. If the new document that you have created doesn't work, you need to rename the "Normal.dotm" template (see "Resources").

3. Rename the Normal.dotm template for Windows 2000. To rename the Normal.dotm template, exit Microsoft Word. Click the "Start" button and then select "Search. Within Search, click "Files or Folders."

4. Type "Normal.dotm" in the box and then change your settings to "Drive C" or "Local Hard Disk Drives" for multiple hard disks. Click the "Search" button. If you see more than one Normal.dotm, rename them "Normal.old." To rename each re-occurrence of Normal.dotm, click "Normal" and then choose "Rename" in the File menu. Type "Normal.old" and then click "Enter."


Printing DOS output to printer


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Printing DOS output to printer.


In some cases you may need a hard copy of a particular directory or file listing. The below method will allow you to print that information.
This solution is also a great method of testing a printer or printer port, verifying that all hardware on the computer and printer is correctly working.


MS-DOS 2.0 to MS-DOS 6.x users
MS-DOS users using 2.x - 6.x can also use the print command.
Windows 95 and above users
To print information from MS-DOS to the printer the '> LPTx' command needs to be used after the command typed. This tells the computer to reroute all information to the appropriate LPT port, x represent the number. An example and most commonly used command is: 


This command tells the computer to print a directory listing, however, instead of printing it to the screen, send it to the printer, which is located on LPT1.
This command can also be used to print files by using the type command, for example:


If, however, multiple files need to be printed, using the copy command can also be used. Below is an example:


The above example will copy all txt or text files in the current directory to the lpt1 port.
When using the above example, it is important to realize that this will only print ASCII files and not BINARY or Encrypted files. Meaning that only text files will print using this method; attempting to print a Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Word Perfect or any similar program that requires a program will not work. 

Note: When using the > LPTx command in MS-DOS, because the printer will not be sent a page feed command, the printer may not eject the paper from the printer. To eject the paper manually, use the button for FF (form feed) or page feed to eject your paper. If you have a Dot Matrix printer, use the hand wheel to manually eject the paper.