Troubleshoot Lexmark Laser Printer


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When technical difficulties arise, it is time to troubleshoot. When you troubleshoot a Lexmark laser printer, you will run a few tests to diagnose the problem and then, hopefully, fix it. Lexmark has tech support, but first let's take a shot at fixing it yourself by troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting 101
1.Check to see if the printer is online. Might seem like a no-brainer, but it happens more often than you would think. Make sure the printer is plugged into the wall and powered on.

2.Check the printer's status. If there is a flashing light or an error message on the LCD screen, you have a problem. Refer to the manual to see what is wrong or if it is an obvious message like "Out of paper," then fix the problem.

3.Refill the paper. This one is easy, too. Pop open the paper tray and add some more sheets of paper. Be sure to fan the paper to get rid of static and be sure to insert the paper correctly. There should be some indicators on the printer to help.

4.Check the toner. The printer's screen will usually let you know, or a message will pop up on the computer. Other printers will actually eject a cartridge when it is spent, so check the reservoir.

5.Replace the toner drum. When printouts get fuzzy or faded, it is about time to replace the toner. You'll get an error message for this too.

6.Look to see if the cables are connected correctly. USB cables and parallel cables can easily get knocked loose, so make sure they are all pushed in firmly. Keep in mind that some printers are wireless.

7.Check the network. If everyone in the office is having printer problems, then it is probably a network issue and you should contact the network administrator.

8.Reinstall the drivers. If you have recently installed new software or the printer is printing strange characters, it is probably a driver issue. Visit the Lexmark website and download new drivers from the support section.

9.Check for paper jams. There are a couple doors you can open safely to check for paper jams. Clear them out carefully.


Printers Help and Support


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HP (Hewlett-Packard) is one of the largest company which manufacturing Printers, personal computing device, enterprise servers, related storage devices as well as other imaging products. Printer gives your hard copy print out in test of graphic format. In 1976 the inkjet printer was invent, but very often consumers can able to survive that one. In 1988 hewlett-Parkard's release of the DeskJet inkjet printer, which was very affordable to mostly consumer.

There are some type of printer which manufactured by HP :

    * Color inkjet all in one printer
    * laser jet printer
    * Color laser jet printer
    * Photosmart printer

If you are planning to buy a HP printer for home or business, then you should have good online hp printer support services and also some knowledge about the HP printer like:

How many pages do you print in a per day or month? If you want those printer which is gives you more printout in very less time, then you should go with the HP Laserjet printer series. HP Laserjet printer can able to printing fast. Because it has it's own processor, Memory (Printer RAM) and lots of page holding facility. It is available in market that its specification. Which printer gives you more page in per minute, you can choose that one.  

How often do you print in color? It is very important question because color printer ink cartridge is very expensive to buy rather then black ink cartridge.

Do you need Photo-quality? If you are create your own marketing advertisements and you expect better photo-quality, then you should go with HP Photosmart printer. Either you use inkjet photo smart printer or laserjet photo smart printer.

How many people use your printer? If your printer use by several user continuously, then you should need a network printer. It has inbuilt network interface. You can connect it into the your network and just shard it. 

There are some basic HP Printer troubleshooting tips for each Hp Laserjet printer model which help you lot. If your printer getting error code like:

Error code 02: It is related to printer Warm up issues. If you are facing this check about your I/O cable for loose connection.

Error code 11: It is simple Out of paper issue. You should need to insert the more paper in printer paper tray.

Error code 14: It you are getting this error message then you should check about Absence of toner cartridge.

Error code 22: It means some printer Configuration settings is incorrect.

Error code 30: It shows Postscript firmware problem.

Error code 40: usually means that there is a disconnection between data transferring for computer to printer.

How to Troubleshoot a Brother Printer


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Troubleshooting anything is a process. Windows has a troubleshooting printer wizard, but it rarely seems to work. Troubleshooting printers is fairly easy work. Take one step at a time in troubleshooting, and then after each step, see if the problem is fixed. Brother printers are fairly easy to use, and you should be able to take the following steps to fix almost any problem.


1. Check the printer for any jams or blockages, and remove any that exist.

2. Delete any print jobs in the queue. Go to the printer's control box and double click on the printer you want, then select any print jobs and select "Delete".

3. Turn the printer completely off and unplug it. Wait about 30 seconds and turn the printer back on.

4. Restart the computer. Close all your programs, shut down the computer and wait a few seconds. You may want to turn the printer off again. Restart the printer and the computer.

5. Go back to the printer panel and select the printer, and then select "Delete." Select the "Add Printer Wizard" and add the printer again.

6. Download the latest drivers by going to Brother's website and finding the latest driver revisions. Right click on the printer, and click "Properties." Look in all the different tabs to find a button that says something similar to "New Driver" or "Update driver." After selecting, point the wizard to find the new drivers that were downloaded.