Troubleshoot Common Printer Problems


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Printer issues have increased a lot now a days more the number of users more are the issues. For getting printer error fix we generally asked to a computer services company in most of the cases. But one thing should be noted that there are many issues which can be fixed by the user himself/herself. In fact, you don't require having a great deal of expertise for troubleshooting these common printer problems. If you have basic understanding of the print process and some information, you can easily resolve these printer problems.

Let's have a look at some of such issues.

For all kind of printers, communication issues are one of the basic issues while printing. This issues can happen due to many reasons. There a multiple possibilities.

Here are a few of them:
• cable connection
• port issues
• software
• spooler
• print processor

Hardware issues , USB cable connection, or the USB connectors (ports) on either side be it the computer USB ports or on the printer itself, though the ports on the PC are found to be more problematic compared to the port on the printer. If it is a PC USB port, it is usually fixable by configuring them or updating drivers but if it is the port on the printer then it is tough luck, the printer needs to be replaced. Consulting an expert is also a good idea in this regard.

Another common hardware issue is paper jam issue. Be it an inkjet or a laser printer, paper jam is common on both. This could happen due to incorrect paper placements or the rollers on the printer.

Then there are cartridge or toner issues. Cartridges/toners can leak sometimes, though that's very rare.

Software issues are more varied. Starting from communication issues to spooler everything falls under software. Besides, there are multiple error messages which have different ways of troubleshooting.

Nowadays printer drivers get installed once the disc is run after connecting the printer with the USB port of the computer. But sometimes, the drivers don't get installed automatically. In these cases, we are required to install the printer driver manually.

If the printer driver has been improperly installed or might have been installed incorrectly due to various reasons on the computer then it can cause communication issues. In such cases uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver usually fixes the problem.

Know how to Fix Error Code 0x000006d9 While Sharing a Printer on Window 7


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This Error usulay comes when you are try to share the printer and the system leaves you with Error Code 0x000006d9. 

This error occurs because of the issues listed below:-

  • Windows Firewall is On.
  • Network discovery and Printer sharing is Off.
So by turning off the Widows Firewall and turning on the network discovery and printer sharing the error code can be fixed.

Steps to turn off Windows Firewall: -

  • Left Click Start Menu Button and Type services.msc in the Search Space. Right Click on services Link and Left Click Run as administrator option.
  • Left Click Yes Button If, prompted by UAC.
  • Right Click on Windows Firewall in Right Pane and Select Properties option.
  • Under the General Tab Select Startup type: as Disabled and Left Click on OK button.
  • Again try to share the Printer.

If the Problem persist following steps helps you to turn on Network discovery and printer sharing.

  • 1. Go to Control Panel (All items View) and Left Click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • 2. Left Click on Change advanced sharing settings in Left pane.
  • 3. Select the Radio buttons Turn on network discovery under Network discovery section and Turn on file and printer sharing Under File and printer sharing section, Left Click on Save changes button.
  • 4. Again Try to share the Printer

Samsung ML-2010 Printer Troubleshooting


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The Samsung ML-2010 is a monochrome laser printer that prints pages at a resolution of 1200 dpi by 600 dpi. In addition, the printer can print documents at up to speeds of 22 pages per minute. As with many printers, you may run into problems using the device over its lifetime.
Fortunately, many of these problems can be fixed using a number of different printer troubleshooting techniques.

Steps for Samsung ML-2010 Printer Troubleshooting:

Step 1 - Power off your Samsung ML-2010 printer if the red light on the front of the printer begins to flash. This means that you have encountered a paper jam. Locate the dislodged paper inside the printer and pull it directly out of the device through the paper tray. Ensure that there are no remaining scraps of paper left inside the printer's rollers and power the printer back on.

Step 2 - Close all unnecessary programs running on your computer if you receive the error message that states "General Protection Fault" while trying to print documents on your Samsung ML-2010 printer. Restart your computer and reprint your document.

Step 3 - Ensure that you are using the correct type of transparency film if your printed transparencies have white spots in between each individual character. If the problem persists, remove the film and flip it over, as you may be printing on the wrong side of the transparency.

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HL 5140 Brother Printer Troubleshooting


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HL 5140 Brother Printer Troubleshooting
The HL 5140 Brother Printer will show error messages if a known problem is detected by the printer. Other issues will not be indicated by an error message. For either type of issue, performing printer troubleshooting steps is the best way to identify and resolve the problem. Most issues that are commonly associated with this printer can be resolved by the user.

Instructions for HL 5140 Brother Printer Troubleshooting:

Step 1 - Check the power cord if the printer will not turn on. Make sure it is securely plugged into the outlet.

Step 2 - Inspect the front cover to see if it is open. The unit may not run if the cover is not completely closed. The printer may display the error code "Front Cover Open."

Step 3 - Close the jam clear cover if the printer displays "Jam Clear Cover Open" on the screen.

Step 4 - Close the back output tray if "Face Up Open" is indicated on the display.

Step 5 - Fill the paper trays if "No Paper Tray1," "No Paper Tray2," "No Paper Manual Feed" or "No Paper Multi Purpose Tray" is displayed. If there is paper in the trays, make sure it is straight. If there is too much paper in the tray, remove some of it.

Step 6 - Remove the jammed paper if a "Jam" message appears on the display. Pull the paper tray all the way out of the printer. Pull the jammed paper out behind where the tray was. Press the cover release button on the top of the front cover. Pull the cover down to open it. Pull the drum assembly out. Pull out the jammed paper. If the paper will not come out, turn the jam dial towards you while pulling on the paper. The jam dial is located on the left side close to the front door hinge.

Step 7 - Reduce the amount of paper in the tray if paper will not feed into the printer. Make sure the paper is not curled. Straighten the paper before printing.

Step 8 - Inspect the printer cable if the printer prints unexpectedly or prints garbage data. Make sure the cable is fully inserted and not damaged.

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